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 Group therapy
Group therapy

This is a form of psychotherapy, which in many cases (for example, social anxiety, problems in relationships with partners or other people) can be more effective than individual therapy. The group is based on principles of sincerity, openness and respect for each other. Due to the intensive work in the group, participants get to understand themselves better and receive a unique opportunity to work on resolving their difficulties. 

What can I expect from a Group?

Several (3 to 9) participants of different ages and with different disorders are treated in the same group. The groups are semi-open, so new participants can join if one member leaves or if there is still a spot free. Everyone in the group is obliged to treat everything that is discussed in the group as strictly confidential, so that what is happening in the group cannot be discussed with anyone outside the group. This is the only way to build trust and ensure a safe space.

I am afraid of speaking in groups - what now?

If you are new to group therapy and are feeling slightly nervous and afraid of speaking in front of strangers, this is perfectly normal. Most of us are apprehensive about the unknown and no one likes to feel vulnerable. However, it is important to keep in mind that each member of the group is there for a specific reason and, in many cases, each one has gone through this very same experience in the beginning of their time in the group. 

There are some very important group rules that help each member to open up at their own pace. That is - you are never obliged to tell anything about yourself that you do not want to. And if you get asked questions by other group members that you do not feel comfortable answering, you can simply say "I do not want to talk about this right now". When you first start group therapy, you may not feel as comfortable sharing your personal stories with others but, as time goes on, many individuals find that it becomes easier to open up and discuss their feelings.

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