Next steps and Fees 

Next steps for PSYCHOTHERAPY

Prior to beginning of therapy together, we will arrange a non-binding first session (50 min., 92,50€), in which you can take the time to tell me your concerns. In this session we will clarify whether psychotherapeutic treatment is indicated and if so, which kind of therapy would be suitable in your individual case.

If we deicde that you will come to do a course of therapy with me, together we will find a weekly appointment (or several in the case of psychoanalysis) that will be reserved for you for the duration of therapy. All sessions last 50 minutes. Please come punctually at the exact arranged time, as it is not possible to extend the session beyond the allocated 50 minutes.

It is possible, in addition to psychotherapy, to be in psychiatric treatment and take prescribed medication, such as antidepressants. However, it is not possible to be simultaneously in outpatient psychotherapy and in inpatient psychotherapeutic or psychiatric treatment.

Private health insurance

Private health insurance usually covers the costs of outpatient psychotherapy. Please clarify the exact conditions with your insurance provider prior to the first session. 

Private Pay

You may choose to pay for therapy yourself. In this case treatment can begin immediately, provided that there is currently a place available. In this case your health insurance is not informed of your diagnosis. 

aid Beneficiaries

Costs of outpatient psychotherapy for recipients of specific aid programs are usually covered by the federal government, federal states or municipalities without any problems. Please have the required forms for the application sent to you prior to your first session. 


Due to the fact that my practice is private, I cannot take you into therapy if you are insured with government medical insurance, except for those insured through BKK VBU or BAHN BKK. 

Fees for Psychotherapy

My fee is based on the Gebührenordnung für Psychotherapeuten (GOP) and is currently set at 92,50€.

Fees for Couples Counselling

The costs for couples counselling are not covered by health insurance and have to be paid by you privately. 

Fees for couples counselling:

Initial Session (50 Min.) - 115,00€

Regular Session (75 Min.) - 175,00€